Great products that I highly recommend!

Affirmation Imprints - apply intention statements and affirmations directly to the body to imprint the positive energetic frequency of the words on the water of your body. Working on the physical level, there is no subconscious resistance and all systems are go!

Maca Powder - Eat your way to health! at We are the source for premium organic and wild crafted functional foods and supplements. is the official online retailer for Maca Power®, Goji Power® and Cacao Power® products. We promise prompt, reliable and friendly customer service and above all the most competitive prices for premium functional foods.

Whole Food Farmacy - The Wholefood Farmacy opened its doors in March 2003 with a Mission to Educate and Inspire people to embrace the “7 Principles of Health” and to reach their true potential by attaining Physical Health, Emotional Health, and Financial Freedom.”


Blendtec Blenders - I have tried many different blenders and I am very happy with my Blendtec. I use it for regular blending but I really like the fact that if is super powerful and can really release the phytochemical nutrients in the food.


Himalayan salt crystalis energy and vitality for the body, delicious tasting, high in life force, essential natural salt. Reduce your cravings for salt and get your 84 essential minerals naturally.

Natren ProbioticsNatren is the first and only manufacturer in the Health Food Industry to formulate and produce probiotic products in its own state-of-the-art plant. We are the first and only probiotics manufacturer to earn International Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification. Natren matches the highest of pharmaceutical standards. No other probiotic manufacturer or distributor can make this claim. At Natren, for more than a quarter of a century, we have set an unmatched platinum standard of regulation in an unregulated industry. For the health care professional this means you can treat your patients with confidence knowing you have chosen for your patients the highest quality, cleanest, most potent and only probiotic to receive independent international certification.