Cell Phone Protector

5 Pack Cell Phone Protector

Cell Phone Protector/E-Smog Harmonizer
Protection for Home, Business and Person

Cell Phone Protector/E-Smog Harmonizer:

The Cell Phone Protector/E-Smog Harmonizer is designed for protection from high-frequency electro-smog emitting from wireless devices:
  • Cell phones

  • Cordless phones (handset and base unit)

  • Mobile radios, walkie talkies

  • Radio-controlled clocks

  • Wireless computer network devices

  • Walkmans and portable CD players, wireless headphones

  • Satellite dishes

How to apply your Cell Phone Protector:
  • Cell Phones, cordless telephones and mobile radios - adhere to back, close to antenna (if visible). You may also place the E-Smog Harmonizer inside the battery compartment without attaching it.

  • Radio controlled clocks - adhere on the back of clock, or place inside the battery case.

  • Wireless computer devices - adhere E-Smog Harmonizer on side, front or back, always vertically for the full effect.

  • Walkmans, portable CD player, wireless headphones - adhere to any possible surface or within the battery pack.

  • Satellite dishes - affix Harmonizer either to the dish itself or to the wall behind the dish.

The Cell Phone Protector is also especially effective for protection from low-frequency electro-smog emitting from:
  • Computer monitors, computer towers and notebooks

  • Electronic office equipment (photocopiers, printers, fax- machines, etc.)

  • TVs and video recorders

  • Radios, stereo systems, radio alarm clocks (esp. with a red digital display)

  • Headphones

  • Fuse boxes

  • Household electrical appliances of all kinds (e.g., refrigerators, electric stoves, irons)

  • Stationary telephone systems

  • Halogen lamps

  • Receivers for satellite dishes

How to apply your E-Smog Harmonizer:

Note: Adhere or tape E-Smog Harmonizer always vertically on front, side or back of device. Never place horizontally on top or bottom, as the effect there will be reduced!
  • Computer towers and monitors - affix E-Smog Harmonizer on front or back of either the tower or the monitor. If they are connected through a cable and are not more than 3 feet apart, both are effectivly neutralized with one sticker.

  • Notebooks - affix E-Smog Harmonizer on side or on top of the notebook, since the display will stand vertically when in use.

  • Electronic office equipment (e.g., photocopiers, printers, shredders), affix E-Smog Harmonizer on any side of the machine that is practical.

  • TV's are treated similar to monitors.

  • Radios, video recorders and stereo systems - affix E-Smog Harmonizer vertically on any side of equipment.

  • Clock Radios and Radio Alarm Clocks (red digital display) - affix E-Smog Harmonizer to back of radio or place inside battery compartment, but vertically.

  • Headphones - affix E-Smog Harmonizer on any suitable part of the headphones.

  • Fuse boxes - place vertically inside box or on outside of fuse box door.

  • Household electrical appliances (e.g., refrigerators, electric stoves, irons and toasters) - always position E-Smog Harmonizer vertically on front or on any side of appliance. Make sure the area chosen does not heat up during use. For appliances that are not freestanding, i.e. irons, put the Harmonizer on a practical location where the surface does not heat up.

  • Halogen lamps - affix on the base, if possible, and again, avoid a spot with too much heat.

  • Receivers for satellite dishes - adhere E-Smog Harmonizer vertically on side.