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What is Spiritual Feng Shui and Why is it So Important?

Feng Shui is the art of placement of physical objects with the purpose of increasing positive energy flow. Positive energy flow will produce improvements in all areas of your life.

This is completely true statement and Feng Shui has brought amazing improvement to peoples lives. And any system that can thrive and grow for as long as Feng Shui has, deserves all the recognition that it has coming to it.

But the question that I asked when I first learned about Feng Shui was how does it integrate with Spiritual Healing. And how does the concepts behind Feng Shui integrate with Spiritual Healing.

It is true that Feng Shui placement makes the circumstances of peoples lives better but does it change people in any way.

My studying of Feng Shui indicated that people were better off for the experience but not necessarily changed. And as a Spiritual Healer, my job is to help people have a better life through personal change.

Spiritual Feng Shui looks at your energy and sees how your energy interacts with people and with your environment.

In my system of Spiritual Feng Shui Healing I incorporate traditional Feng Shui concepts with my central idea that you are the most important element in the Feng Shui equation.

In addition to the harmonious flow of energy through your environment what must not be forgotten is this - how you relate to those around you and to your environment is the most important aspect of your life.

Our bodies are made of energy. Your energy responds in a positive or negative manner to what you put in it, on or around it. Your life�s experiences as well as interactions with others have created a positive or a negative effect on your body's energy.

An accumulation of negative energetic responses can produce a condition of dis-ease. This condition of dis-ease can manifest itself through a range of physical, emotional and mental disorders.

I am able to see energy. Positive energy is seen as smooth flowing �rivers� of energy. It feels calm. Negative energy is seen as dark, stagnant or turbulent areas of energy. It feels blocked.

The merging of Feng Shui and Spiritual Healing sees how your energy is affected by the most important things around you. If the affect is negative I am able to balance this "energy of interaction".

You and your environment form a whole and only by looking at the whole can any of the parts be helped.

Spiritual Feng Shui Healing will change your life just as I have helped dramatically improve hundreds of other lives.

  • I will balance your energy so that you can be at peace with friends and family.
  • I will balance out past life influences that affect your relationships and financial prosperity.
  • I will scan your home or work environment to clear harmful spirits.
  • I will scan your environment to see if there are any "toxic" influences to be dealt with.
All of these changes can be yours. There is no need to feel bad. There is no need to have a hard time living your life. Spiritual Feng Shui Healing is the answer you have been looking for.