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Star Resonators -
Protection for Home, Business and Person

The Star Resonator is a powerful radionics device which combines the Crystal Catalyst Bead with the five-pointed star symbol. It gives strong protection from mental malpractice and acts of violence. It is an effective tool for clearing most harmful environmental electronic and ground radiations.

Your resonator may be suspended as a mobile, laid flat over offending sources of radiation, or carried in a purse, briefcase or vehicle.

Both the Colonial Star Resonator and the Double Star Resonator are radionic devices and project a frequency which is calming and non-violent. The Colonial Star Resonator was based upon the original American Colonial Flag which employed Sacred Geometry. The five pointed star has been considered protective in many cultures for thousands of years. The circle is a protective form. The number 13 (13 stars in the circle) is spiritual, symbolizing Christ and 12 disciples. All of these features were employed in the Colonial Flag because the colonists feared violent attack from Indians, pirates, Spain, etc. Secondly, they feared witchcraft, otherwise known as mental malpractice i.e. using the mind to harm others, or just the effect of non deliberate but angry thoughts. These problems are still common today. Thoughts are things. It is a scientific fact that thoughts affect us and those around us. The Small Colonial Star Resonator is for personal use. It can be used in a car. The Large Colonial Star Resonator is for a room, house - a larger structure than a person.

Both the Colonial and Double Star Resonators employ a dielectric resin. Dielectric materials are the strongest collectors of electromagnetic energy known. The stars also have a white Crystal Catalyst Bead in the center. White is a spiritual color containing all the colors of the rainbow. Crystal Catalyst is an Advanced Ceramic Dielectric material, the most powerful ever developed. It absorbs harmful energies and discharges them in a beneficial rate.